Winter Wraps

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Winter weddings are all the rage this year so if your belly will be at it’s roundest during those cold winter months, embrace your big ol’ bump and book your venue!  With the rich colors, crackling fires, and cozy feels that winter has to offer, how can you say no? Let the elegance commence!

One of my favorite accessories this year is the winter wrap or stole.  The stole is a flashback fashion, popular throughout history and making it’s way back onto our couture runways.  Most brides go with a thick faux fur in white or ivory, but I’ve also seen black and eggplant.  Talk about a fun pop of color!  These over-the-shoulder coats are both a stylish and practical way to accessorize when the cold wind blows in. These are worn over your wedding dress to keep your shoulders, back, and arms warm. The real beauty of these furry covers is that they are usually one size fits all so you won’t have to worry about outgrowing it before the wedding.

You can find these wraps at most bridal boutiques, but if you’re strapped for cash (like most expectant mothers), try a department store or local resale shop.  Some wedding dress styles are even designed with corresponding wraps.  Check out your dress designer’s website to see if there are suggested accessories.  If you’re looking to buy a gently used wrap, remember that these should not be cleaned at home before use.  Don’t forget to account for a small dry cleaning fee into your budget.


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