Where to Shop

Maternity wedding dresses can be found at just about any bridal shop or boutique.  You can even find them at some of your favorite maternity stores or on their websites.  When shopping at a bridal shop, just ask the consultant for an expecting bride section or catalogs with ‘maternity-friendly’ brands.  Most of the time there are not many available on the racks, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more options available.  You can always find something you LOVE in a catalog and the consultant will help you find something similar to try on before you order.  This reminds me, PLEASE TRY MANY DIFFERENT STYLES ON!  More often than not, the bride chooses a type of gown she had never considered before shopping.

Another option that don’t know about is choosing a non-maternity wedding dress and ordering 2-3 sizes larger than what you will be or ordering extra fabric.  A good seamstress will be able to alter it and make it maternity.  This may cost extra, but if you LOVE it, just do it.  If the store seamstress isn’t quite up to the job, I promise you can find another one who is.  Ask around for a great seamstress and be sure you bring a picture with the brand and style number. Don’t forget to ask what to order (larger size or extra fabric).  When you’ve chosen your dress and you have found a seamstress, go back to the bridal shop to place your order or check to see if you can order online through the boutique or even the brand’s site.  Sometimes if you shop around for prices, you can save a couple bucks.  Hey, all the more to spend on your huge Peony bouquets or your Mediterranean feast!

The store will take care of basically everything once you choose your dress.  Just pay the lady and let the other lady measure every inch of your growing self for half and hour and go about your day!  Depending on how far in advance you’re planning, the seamstress at the shop will ask that you try on a lovely fake belly to try and guess your future measurements.  Of course, this is just a guess and she will request you to come back about a week before the wedding to get everything fitted just right so that you’re comfortable and you look fabulous.

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