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Private homes are great places to host weddings.  Whether it’s your own home, a friend’s, or one that is often rented out for special occasions, you will find comfort and convenience in a home venue.

Just a few benefits of an at-home wedding:

  • A serene and comfortable environment
  • Convenience
  • Uniqueness
  • Generally more options or customization
  • Usually less expensive
  • Location
  • Adaptability

Your guests will no doubt feel at home when gazing at the sunset and listening to the wind chime from the back porch of a home venue.  There’s a softness associated with home venues that you just can’t get from other wedding spots.  The bride and groom often comment on the contentment they feel when hosting at home venues.

Unlike other venues, these houses will have more to offer you as far as convenience.  Chances are you will need (and with no doubt forget) Scotch tape, a sewing kit, washcloths, a steamer, and so much more. At many popular venues you will have to search for an hour to find scissors to cut the shaggy tulle edge hanging from the bow on the flower girl’s basket, but at a home venue you will probably find them in a desk in the study.  After all, home is where your stuff is….wait.

A few things to check out when touring a home venue:

  1.  What amenities are available for usage?
    1. How many people can be accommodated indoors?
    2. How many people can be accommodated outdoors?
    3. Are all appliances available for use (fridge, stove, oven, dryer)?
    4. Will all rooms be open?
    5. Will the venue provide chairs, tables, decor?
    6. Are there outdoor electrical outlets? Where?
  2. Is the house clean? (Bricks, siding, windows, porches, sidewalks, indoor areas)
  3. Is the landscape well-kept?
  4. Will someone of authority be available at all times during the wedding?
  5. Where is the breaker box?
  6. Is there an emergency plan in place?

When you have a wedding at a house, cottage, or mansion, it can add an element of uniqueness and allow you as a couple to share your relationship style with friends and family.  Homes can be romantic and cozy, breezy and bright, clean and elegant or so many other things.  When you start to look into these venues, you will find that the possibilities are endless.   Set your standards high and find the perfect place for you and yours.

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