The Anticipating Bachelorette

The bachelorette party is an exciting event for a bride, and there are so many other ways to celebrate besides the ‘traditional’ late-night rendezvous involving booze and forbidden delights.  As a matter of fact, brides from all situations are choosing to host tea parties, spa days, and even adult classes for their bachelorette parties.  These parties are trendy and fun and there are so many options available.  Whatever your style, you can find something perfect for you.

One of the great things about having a bachelorette party with a unique theme is that you can have them pretty much anywhere, anytime.  Some expectant women experience nausea, so planning the party around their best time of day is ideal for a happy bachelorette.  Also, you can rent out any space to use for pretty much any of the class options.  You can use spaces in churches, rec centers, party rooms, or even someone’s home.

Some specific ideas for your bachelorette party:

  • cooking class: Don’t forget to be sure any food sensitivities the bride may have won’t be a problem.
  • pottery class:  If you haven’t done pottery before, this can be a fun first for you and your friends.
  • painting class:  These classes are all the rage right now, and for good reason!  These are a little more difficult than a paint-by-numbers, but they have an instructor describing specifically what to do for each step.
  • fitness class:  Dance classes are perfect for an expectant mother.
  • makeovers: You can hire a professional stylist and make up artist to come to your home to make up your girls!  After, you could go out to eat or go shopping with your brand new looks!
  • spa day: Trust me.  You want to get everyone together?  Spa. Day.
  • massage party:  Just hire a couple masseuses, put out some coffee, tea, and finger foods and spend some relaxing time catching up.
  • tea party: Tea parties are elegant and can be so beautiful when hosted in a party venue.
  • brunch and manicures: There’s not much more girly than brunch and a manicure!  Great for all those Chatty Cathy’s!
  • concerts: Concerts in the park are great for having a laid-back gathering with your friends.  Grab some blankets, drinks, and snacks and let loose!

These are just a few suggestions!  The options and combos are endless!  Make your last hoorah as a bachelorette fun and elegant!

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