Memorable Music

Music Is Important

Wedding music was seriously one of my first and main priorities for my own wedding.  Music sets the mood to any occasion, and weddings are no exception!  I went with instrumental versions of some of my favorite classic movies and it flowed beautifully with the theme of my wedding! As a matter of fact, I even chose the music before the theme.

Music can make your wedding unique and special for you and your spouse.  You can choose songs that are from your first date, your budding romance, or just a song you guys jammed out to in the car.  It’s important that the music makes YOU feel something.  This is your day, after all, so choose what is significant to your love story.


It’s important to figure out how the music will be played at the ceremony and at the reception.   You can use a band, a quartet, a DJ, a stereo system, or a combination of several options.  It all depends on the music and the general feel of the wedding and the reception.

One of the really cool things about your own unique wedding soundtrack is that you can change up any kind of music to make it fit.  You can use a piece of music by Led Zeppelin and turn it in the the venue’s orchestra, or you could even give your rock band a sheet music of Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back.  Whatevs.  Own it and get them variations going!


Traditionally the wedding will have a processional, recessional, first dance, father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance.  Although these are the most common uses for music for a wedding, you can do what you want!  I’ve even seen people play a symphony throughout the whole ceremony!  Do what you want, when you want.  Just be prepared and know your options.

From fun and carefree to formal and elegant, music can create the atmosphere you desire, and it can be one of your cheapest expenses….or one of the most expensive.  One thing is for sure….you need music in your life.  Figure out what mood you want to set and when.

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