Personal Shower, Maybe For Later

Not all brides choose to have personal showers, but if you’re comfortable with it, go for it!  The kicker for a personal shower while you’re pregnant is to let everyone know when you’re planning to wear your lingerie.  For some people, they may want to wear it on their honeymoon, while pregnant, and for others they may want to save it for after the baby comes.  Obviously, you will need to decide and request the appropriate size.  I will say that maternity lingerie is hard to find and quite frankly, not usually very sexy.  And it’s also difficult to say your size postpartum.  Especially if you’re planning to breastfeed.  In that case, plan larger than what you are normally.

Most people invite just close friends and families to their personal shower.   You can invite whoever you want of course, but keep in mind how much you’re asking of your guests.  You want your friends and family to feel like they are included in your special day and are celebrating the beginning of your life together.   The personal shower is just that. PERSONAL.  Keep it small and fun.  Don’t forget the mother-in-law!  Thaaaaaat’s always fun.

Just like with your wedding shower and bachelorette party, your maid of honor will probably be the one hosting your personal shower.  On the invitation, be sure she includes your bra and panty size.  She will also include the location, time, and RSVP information.

When I got married, I chose to have both the bachelorette party and the personal shower at the same time.  We started with dinner and gifts, and then moved on over to a piano bar where we started the night off right!  I made sure to downplay the whole gift thing since my friends and family were already investing so much into my getting married, but some people chose to bring a present just because it’s fun!  It’s fun (and kind of funny) to open the sexy lingerie in front of everyone giggling and cracking jokes.  My friends definitely took the funny element and ran with it!  I loved it!  The beginning of the night set the mood with the silly and embarrassing things that everyone brought for me.

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