Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings can be absolutely stunning.  Hosting your special day at an outdoor venue can add beauty and an element of nature to your wedding.  There are a few things to consider before booking an outdoor wedding.

Location– You can have an outdoor wedding anywhere, but if you choose a location away from home it’s called a destination wedding.  Each different location will require different maintenance and preparation for your wedding so it’s important to plan accordingly.  Usually it’s easier to get a wedding planner when you’re planning a destination wedding because they can make arrangements for vendors in the wedding location.

Seasons– Each season presents a kind of natural beauty.  You should consider each season for the colors, weather, and amount of daylight before making a decision on when you will host your wedding.

Weather– Keeping yourself, the wedding party, and your guests comfortable during the ceremony is important to hosting a successful wedding.  You should consider rain and thunderstorms in the spring, heat and sun in the summer, cool winds and thick carpets of leaves in the fall, and snow and brisk temperatures in the winter. Weather will also affect the amount of prep you will need for your wedding.  Whether it’s raking leaves or opening canopies for shelter from sun or rain, you absolutely must plan for the weather to turn.  A bad weather day can ruin, and I mean RUIN, a wedding.

Time of Day– After you’ve thought about the season, keep in mind the time the sun will rise and set.  Usually you won’t really need to worry about the sun rising in the morning, but you will want to consider when the sun will set, especially if you’re wanting late afternoon or evening wedding.  There are some super fun and cute receptions I’ve seen that have been hosted after dark.  They had used string lights or soft lanterns to light the reception area for guests, so that’s definitely something you will need to plan and have prepared. Otherwise, if you plan during hours of daylight, you won’t have to worry much about lighting for an outdoor wedding.  Use Christmas lights or candles. Make it your own.

Significance– A childhood home, your family lake house, or the beach where you and your fiance met can be awesome and meaningful venues for your wedding.  You can turn your favorite location into a picturesque scene for the most important day of your life.

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