Baby, You’re Early

So, the baby came early?  I hope all is well and everyone is healthy.  Once you’re settled and you’re ready to start thinking about what’s next with your wedding which could be just weeks or even days away.  No problem.

The first step is to ask yourself if you WANT to get married on the date you’ve chosen (it might be very difficult to get married if you have just given birth the day before.)

If you do, then ask yourself what is going to change?  The dress?  Maybe a little.  The pictures?  Yep, but for the better!  You’ll have your precious bundle to celebrate with!  Otherwise, just go with it.  Everything will work out, but be sure that you accept any and all help that is offered to you with baby and with wedding.

If you don’t and you want to postpone the big day then start making calls to reschedule or get deposits back.  If you explain the situation, many venues and vendors will be happy to accommodate you even if you had a non-refundable deposit.  Call: MAID OF HONOR (she will be happy to help!), venue, officiant, caterer, baker, dj, rental companies, florist, car service, hotel

And don’t forget your guests!  If you have time, I’d say a few weeks, send out ‘changed the date’ cards.  It could be cute and silly!  You could even announce your little at the same time!  But heaven forbid you don’t have that kind of time and you need to spread the word much more quickly, get on dem social media sites and let loose.  Send a message to anyone you can think of and tell them to tell their friends!  Your mom and your future mother-in-law can help with this while your snuggling your wittle bunny.  Of course you’ll need to make a few calls too.  Just a few.

–And you’re good to go!  Don’t panic.  One day, when your priorities have shifted several times, you will look back on this time fondly and remember how eventful your life is! It is a beautiful one, ladies.


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