Okay, so some people plan the honeymoon last.  Not me.  And you shouldn’t either, especially if you’re expecting a wee one in the months or even weeks following your big day.  It is so important to get that time just the two of you before your baby comes.  You’ll want to choose a place where you can be entertained without violating the laws of pregnancy (no alcohol, smoking, bungee jumping, etc.).  There are tons of things you can do on your honeymoon without that junk.  You can sight see, spend time in front of a fire watching old classics (you’ll be watching strictly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for several years after this), go fishing, lay on the beach, or make it a spa trip.

Now if you’re too far along to travel, that’s okay.  Seriously, it’s really not about the location.  It’s about getting away from work, chores, and…other people.  Usually people spend 5-10 days on their honeymoon but even a weekend away from home is enough to focus on your relationship.  After the baby comes, it will be difficult to even get an hour alone together!

If you can travel, well that’s a bonus!  It’s especially awesome when you can get so far away that you have to turn off  your phones and totally cut yourselves off from the outside world.  Don’t forget to consult your doctor before planning a trip out of country or any trip in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Places to consider:


The East Coast (Think Maine)

The Grand Cayman




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