Thanks A Lot, Hormones.

So, some funny (and seriously not-so-funny) things about being pregnant are the results of raging hormones.  You have to understand that you will probably not be feeling quite ‘normal’ when it comes to emotions.  The word “raging” is often used to describe the hormones of an expecting mother and I completely get it.  It’s like going from zero to sixty in every direction ALL DAY LONG.  While this is normal, you must consider those around you.  Try to find an outlet to help you calm your emotions.  You don’t want to blow up on your mother in law for something small (trust me, save it for a big one), or start uncontrollable sobbing while walking down the aisle.  Talk with your bridal party before and discuss ways they can help keep you relaxed and upbeat.  Try these things:

  • Get ready at a salon, hotel, or even at home to keep the chaos of wedding prep out of your head
  • Show up only just in time
  • Listen to music that makes you feel happy (not sad, not excited, not nervous)
  • EAT.  This is important.  Don’t forget to eat something healthy and satisfying to keep the HANGRY monster at bay.  She is unpredictable.  Take snack with you wherever you go.  Trail mix for the win.
  • Have a designated wedding helper just for you.  Try to choose someone who doesn’t have to stop and get ready for the wedding.  You need someone who is going to be available all day in case you forgot hairspray or if your strap breaks.
  • Stay in comfortable clothes up until you walk down the aisle
  • Take a cat nap
  • Get an early massage appointment
  • Turn you phone off and tell the wedding planner to contact your maid of honor or your wedding day helper with any emergencies

It is important to remain calm during pregnancy, but weddings are usually a recipe for stress.  These are all great suggestions for the big day, but they can also be helpful during the planning stages, too.  Talk to your doctor, your future spouse, your mom, your dad, or anyone if you start to feel overwhelmed.  Chances are, those damn hormones made it out to be a way bigger deal than it really is. Damn you, hormones.


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