Save the Date

If you have the time, don’t forget to send out a save the date card.  These are typically sent out 4-6 months before the wedding as a pre-invitation gesture.  Save the date cards are helpful for some guests to have an approximate idea about when you’re getting married.   Just understand that although some people will totally forget the save the date card,  it will be helpful to others.  If you need to get the show on the road and you don’t have 4-6 months to spare, that’s totally fine.  It is not required or rude to skip the save the date cards, it’s just a courtesy for guests.

You don’t need to know much for the save the date cards.  Even if you haven’t chosen a theme you can send them out.  Keep it as simple as possible, even if you think you’ve got your theme, colors, or venue.  You may need to change your mind for some reason out of your control and a simple layout can be elegant and intriguing.

Not much information needs to be provided on the card, just your name and your husband’s name and the approximate date or even just the season.  There’s no need to put a venue or a time on the Save the Date because you will still need to send out formal invitations about 8 weeks before the wedding with all the details.  Hopefully you have 8 weeks!

Send em’.  Don’t send em’.  It’s up to you, but remember that things happen and plans change, so if you choose to send Save the Date cards, keep it simple.


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