Rooftop Weddings

Some of the most underrated urban wedding venues have rooftop settings available.  These locations can provide a beautiful setting for both weddings and receptions alike.  Although there are seasons that are much more suitable for an outdoor wedding, you can host them on a rooftop any time of the year.  When it’s cold, just add some heating lanterns around the edges of the space and when it’s hot, try to host during a time of day that there is a cool breeze, like late evening. The same versatility goes for the time of day.  When hosting during the daytime, you can enjoy a bright and cheery atmosphere, and in the evening, a dim, romantic setting.  There are so many unique options available when you choose to host on a rooftop.

When the weather is warm, not hot, consider an evening wedding on a rooftop somewhere in the city, or on the outskirts.  Picture, for me, a large, open area strewn with glowing yellow lanterns.  When you look past the edges of the roof, you see lit buildings and street lights and maybe even the moon reflecting on a lake.   Imagine carpets and couches all around and a small bar in one corner.  A band plays your favorite music in the center of the space.  Now picture your guests, all dressed up, mingling together in this environment you’ve created and try not to get excited.  You could add to it or take away if you want because it’s your wedding, but for me, it already sounds like a good time.  The allure is its uniqueness.  You want to give your guests something to talk about and admire.  You want your wedding to be beautiful and memorable.

Another thing to consider when hosting a rooftop wedding, would be the integrity of the roof.   Especially when you’re hosting at a place that usually gets little traffic to the rooftop, like your apartment building or your work.  You need to be sure that everything is clean and safe before you invite your closest friends and family to celebrate your big day.  Most likely  the rooftop of a functional building will be right as rain, but if it isn’t, you’ll need to call your Dallas roof specialists to get someone out there to check out what can be done.  It doesn’t hurt to get the roof checked out even if you there are no visible flaws or damages.  Sometimes the most dangerous roofing issues can’t be seen.   So check your venues for safety measures and damage reports to ensure your wedding will be a hit!

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